Letter: Only those who do not vote lose

Editor, The Spotlight:

Regarding Mr. Philip Carters’ letter of Nov. 21, concerning the “apathy shown in board elections,” I must respond by first apologizing for continuing election rhetoric more than two weeks after the voting has ended. That being said, I feel two points must be addressed to Mr. Carter. First, he states that the majority of the electorate should be chastised for voting for a candidate that Mr. Carter believes shows his “obsequiousness to the current town supervisor.” His very next sentence then excoriates the 1,800 voters (myself included) who “threw their votes away” by voting for Jack Cunningham instead of Mr. Reinhardt! Obviously, Mr. Carter’s candidate lost the election, as did mine. But I did not throw my vote away by voting for Mr. Cunningham. I cast my vote for the candidate that I thought would be the best person running for the position. In my opinion, the ones who throw their votes away are always the ones that don’t vote at all.

Robert Cassidy


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