Spotlight on Business


Keeping it local

Altamont Country Values buys and sells regional goods

Altamont Country Values is a small, family-owned business, supplying the area with backyard farm, garden, pet and farm animal goods.

Family farm market with old-time feel

Cider pressed and served by three generations of family

At Lakeside Farms Country Market and Restaurant in Ballston Lake, it’s all about family.

A body in motion stays in motion

A hands-on approach to physical therapy

After 17 years in the Bethlehem community and 27 years as an assistant physical therapist, Stephanie Hutchins decided it was time to put her skills to a different use — as an at-home personal trainer.

Custom furniture made in the USA

In a world of big box, one-size-fits-all furniture stores, Kugler’s Red Barn continues its mission to provide custom-made pieces to discerning customers.

Home solutions for Capital District

Communication key to customer satisfaction, leads to returning business

Service Solutions owner Don Sweet used to be a financial director until he realized there was a need to be filled.

Family bowl, family game, family biz

Boulevard Bowl has been a place for family for 50 years

For generations, the Scaccias have given a family-pleasing sport a classic, local home at Boulevard Bowl in Schenectady.

Experience key to help

A rapidly aging population needs to look towards estate preservation

The Herzog Law Firm has been ahead of the curve for the last three decades.

Guilderland Chamber thinks big

The Guilderland Chamber of Commerce is not your typical chamber, as it is smaller than most with only two employees, but that puts the chamber on the same level of the businesses it services.

A twist on frozen yogurt

Ayelada began with frequent visits to GoBerry, a Massachusetts frozen yogurt shop that Jim and Lisa Cervone just couldn’t resist.

(J)ay is for Open Door Bookstore

The Open Door Bookstore is a treasure in Schenectady. Walk past its quaint window display on Jay Street, just around the corner from Proctors, and into its doors. Inside unfolds rows upon rows of bookcases stacked to the brim with children’s stories and adult novels alike.

Sailing through the world of elder law

Schenectady lawyer has been doing it for 20 years

The world of elder law, which includes estate planning and will preparation, is a tricky environment to traverse.

Bringing technology to real estate

To someone looking to buy or sell a home, there’s not much science put to thought — slap a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn and let’s go.

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The financial side of raising a child with special needs

Spotlight on Finance

As a nation, we tend to look at disabilities and special needs requirements as statistics. For example, one out of nine children younger than age 18 receive special education services, and nearly 21 million families have a member with special needs, according to the U.S. Census Bureau Report, "Disability and American Families". These numbers give us pause, but for parents of children with special needs the number that means the most is one. One child. That’s what it takes to make it real.

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Money-smart advice for the recent college grad

For recent college graduates, a recent Economic Policy Institute study paints a good-news, bad-news picture of your job prospects. The good news: you’re more likely to land a job than your peers in recent graduating classes. The bad news: you’re probably going to be underemployed and underpaid.

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Start and succeed at growing a small business

Spotlight on Finance

In America today, more than 23 million small businesses create 66 percent of all new jobs and account for 54 percent of all domestic sales. These businesses are in our largest cities and smallest towns, occupying everything from our tallest skyscrapers to the humblest of living room corners as they innovate, sell and service their way to success. They are the bedrock of our country, drivers of our economy, and backbone of our communities . . . and contrary to reports that they are doomed to fail (and many do) they are not going anywhere.