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BCSD informs parents about centralized bus stops for 2012-13

Parents received the following letter from Superintendent Tom Douglas on Tuesday, June 19.

Dear parents of elementary students:

I’d like to take this opportunity first to thank you for a wonderful introduction to the BC family and an exciting and enlightening six months on the job.

As you know, there are a few changes in store for the upcoming school year in our transportation of students to and from school. Because of fiscal restraints, the district will begin to lessen the frequency of stops for all students, minimize door-to-door service for elementary students, and implement the current distances (K-5 - 1/10th a mile, 6-8 - ½ mile, and 9-12 - 1 mile) a student may have to walk in order to get to their bus stop. Therefore we would like you to start planning for this possibility over the summer. Here is how the changes will affect your child in elementary school:

·There will no longer be “door-to-door” service for elementary students. Students in grades K-5 may walk up to one tenth of a mile to their assigned bus stop. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children to and from their assigned stop and while waiting for the bus to arrive.

·Please be aware that because we are consolidating stops, there will be more students per stop.

·A student must be at a bus stop in order for the bus to pick them up. Buses will not double back to stops.

·During drop-off, all kindergarten students must identify an adult at the stop in order to exit the bus. If not, the student will be returned to his or her school of origin and parents or guardians will be contacted.

·When bus stops and pick-up/drop-off times are assigned, please be advised that these are generated by computer using the enrollment and transportation data available at the time. These times are subject to change as the year progresses, as drivers, parents and students become accustomed to the schedule. We ask that you exercise patience during this initial period.

These procedures were developed in conjunction with the 2012-13 school budget. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these new procedures, please feel free to contact me or the Board of Education at tdouglas@bcsd.neric.org or boe@bcsd.neric.org. For all other transportation questions, please contact our Transportation Director, Mr. Al Karam by phone at 518-439-3830 or by email at karaatr@bcsd.neric.org.

Please look for SNN messages throughout the summer months as we fine-tune transportation or any other issues that may affect your child.

Thank you and have a safe and happy summer!


Dr. Thomas J. Douglas, Superintendent of Schools Bethlehem Central School District

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